Father-Son Project - Jigsaw Blades Case

Editor's Choice - Nov 16, 2015

This is a fun quick little project I made up for my little child. He is 5 and he is used to watch me doing woodworking, but never really tried to make something together. This was the perfect occasion. I have a couple of small Cohiba cigar glass box that I was given some time ago (only the box, I actually don’t smoke) and I though Why not reusing it and have fun with the little guy?

Hope you like it

Woods: cigar box father son jigsaw blade

Tools: miter box saw spring clamps glue

- Man most valuable tools are his hands, his brain and the passion he delivers to his projects -


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jim webster ...

good to work with your kids its good to learn them woodworking good job

a1jim ...

I always love seeing projects with parents working with their kids. A fun project.

Legorreto ...

Thank you, I enjoy that a lot too. Some of the projects may not be suitable for them, but as long as they can be present and handle small and safe tools, they will be included

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Father-Son Project - Jigsaw Blades Case