Casket - Done

I installed cedar closet lining to the under side of the top of the casket , it really smells nice when you open it .When I installed the trim one the out side part of the casket I left it stick up 1/4" past the oak plywood . I installed the same molding on the inside and again left it stick up 1/4" . So when I was ready to install the cloth material I had a 1/4" X 1/4 " slot all the way around the top of the bottom section .I then cut strips of plywood 3/16" X 1/4" . Today I glued 1" foam to the sides , then with the help of my Wife of 29 years we filled the slot with glue ,put the blue material in and put the upper edge in the slot . I then installed the plywood strips and used my braid nail gun to hold them in place . We then installed 2" foam padding to the floor and tucked the excess material in beside the 2" foam and the walls . Next we installed the material to cover the 2" foam , again tucking the excess material between the foam and the wall.Put the pillow in place . The only thing I might do yet is to put a piece of material across the back from the top of the wall to the bottom of the lid so the hinges don’t show when it is open . The last picture is me using my mini table saw to cut the strips to length. Most of you know I only have 3 hrs a day to work on things . This has taken me 6 weeks to complete .



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James L Wilcox ...

Totally a work of love and devotion. You did an outstanding job, it looks fantastic. Kudos to you. And you were able to get your wife involved, you definitely deserve a Hugh at-a-boy. Excellent.

lanwater ...

It looks great Bruce.

You put a lot of attention into details and it show.

Jay ...

Great job Bruce. Thanks for all of the pictures & details during construction.

lightweightladylefty ...


What a tribute to your father! He will be blessed to experience all your love in making this for him.


a1jim ...

Nice work Bruce

jim webster ...

real nice bruce

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Casket - Done