Casket ooh noo

The casket would not fit through the door on my Wife’s office door . So we had to take it through he window . We removed the tail gate and clamped a 2" X 6" board on edge across the back of the bed . Then we laid 2 pieces of 2" X 6" boards on top of the first one and slide them to the front of the bed . I have air bags on my truck so after I got lined up with the window I pumped them up till I was level with the bottom sill . I then tilted the bed to put a slight angle to help it slide in the window . Once in the window one end was on a little stool , we pivoted the casket and set one side down and then removed the stool . Where there is a will – There is a way !



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James L Wilcox ...

Great ingenuity, way to go. And yes, where there is a will there is always a way. Good thinking and good job.

lanwater ...

Great thinking.

No extra charge for window delivery :)

Thorreain ...

Great thinking.

Brian ...

Good thing you don’t have a basement shop !

Michael Ray ...

Great problem solving skills! Being a casket it’s safe to assume that it’s not in it’s permanent spot and it has to come out the same way?

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Yeah , we will have to reveres the process when the time comes .

a1jim ...

good thinking Bruce

jim webster ...

good job good thinking

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Casket ooh noo