Just a Little Spoon

When my wife had surgery last summer, my sister came to stay with her in the hospital and then stayed on with her in the Rehab Center. We were on shift – she stayed the night and I relieved her early each morning. I wanted to do something for her since she put her life on hold when we needed some help. This little spoon was among the gifts we gave her recently….it now hangs in a shadowbox along with other memorabilia in her hallway.

Woods: pine

Tools: carving knives sandpaper

Tags: spoon


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Brian ...

Beautiful and a wonderful gift.

Justsimplywood ...

Very nice gift.

Mike40 ...

Thoughtful gift and even more endearing when attached to a memory.

CindyG ...

You really fooled me with the scale! Great work, and a wonderful gift.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

really nice work , impressive

Whittler1950 ...

Thanks for your kind comments. Over the years, I’ve made some very fancy firewood, but this one came out pretty good. My sister seemed to like it….

a1jim ...

super work.

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Just a Little Spoon