Snakes ( a cutting board)

Editor's Choice - Jan 06, 2016

This is an end grain cutting board Approx. 230×340mm 24mm. The first one I made.
The pattern is one of my own, Snakes. The materials are American Black Walnut and Maple.

Woods: american black walnut maple

Tools: table saw drum sander

Tags: cutting board



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lightweightladylefty ...

Really nice pattern. Great cutting board!


Madts ...

Rather cool pattern.


Tim ...

Love it!

lanwater ...

Great cutting board.

There are are few cutting board pattern that I like. This one is one of my favorite.

Justsimplywood ...

Great design

Brian ...

Very nice!

Fred Hargis ...

That is so cool! Well done.

shipwright ...

Martyn! A cutting board!
A really nice cutting board too, is this a new direction?
Is there such a thing as a cutting board-ologist?
Seriously, this is a sweet first cutting board and if you are going to take up the cutting board challenge I can’t wait to see the new extents to which the said envelope gets pushed.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

excellent job, love the pattern . Must have taken hours to produce such a beautiful pattern. That cutting board has to be on the top of the list for well done .

a1jim ...

Very cool cutting board Martyn

CindyG ...

Beautifully executed!

Britboxmaker ...

Thank you, Cindy.

Britboxmaker ...

Thank you all for voting for me in the ‘Making the Cut’ competition.

David A Sylvester ...


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Snakes ( a cutting board)