End Grain Cutting Board

Cutting board made from Cherry, Ash, and Maple. All wood is from trees that I cut down and had milled.

Woods: cherry ash maple

Tools: table saw router drill press orbital sander

Tags: cutting board end grain


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a1jim ...

A really unique design,I like it.

Paul ...

Looks good. Have you had issues with cracking when you frame end grain with edge grain? I did 6 or so different patterns with frames and most of them cracked in the endgrain sections

ewaite ...

Hi Paul, I have made about 25 of them and only had 1 crack so far, most of them are over 6 months old now so I think they will be OK. I applied 2 cotes of Food Grade Mineral oil as finish.

Paul ...

That’s good I was not that lucky, I did about 8 with frames and all but one have cracked