Stainsby Girl

Inspired by a memory of someone I met in my dim distant past, when I recently chanced across the track Stainsby Girls by Chris Rea (circa 1985). I fell in love with a Stainsby girl.

Dimensions –

Overall, 106mm high x 114mm across.
Box, 102mm long sides x 64mm high.
Legs (laminated 3×1mm) 9mm x 3mm, radius 127mm.
Handles (laminated 3×1mm) 9mm x 3mm, radius 27mm.

Materials – Purpleheart and Pau Amarello.

Adhesives – PVA and Viscous CA.

Finish – Spray Satin Acrylic.

The leg and top details (lid handles) are set in a 3mm wide and deep routed groove.

Woods: purpleheart pau amarello

Tools: table saw drum sander router table belt sander

Tags: box legs



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Roger Gaborski ...

Very nice. I especially like how the lid handles connect with the legs.

lanwater ...

It’s a great Box.
Flawless build like your other boxes.

I admire your ability to contrast wood colors so well.

Madts ...



Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

“Now some had games that you had to play
Making rules along the way
Strange attractions newly found
Pride and passion kicked around
Some girls stole your heart
Like most girls do
But a Stainsby girl could break it in two”

Brilliant interpretation.

shipwright ...

Brilliant Martyn.
Maybe my favourite so far …… but there are so many …… not an easy choice.
We take for granted the perfection of fit and attention to the smallest detail in your work because it is always there……. but we still notice it. :-)

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Excellent job , impressive details .

MsDebbieP ...

absolutely stunning!!!
love the heart legs… wow

a1jim ...

Martyn every time I see one of your boxes I think that your design and build can’t be topped ,but I’ve been wrong with the next succeeding built you have.
This is Amazingly beautiful and done so well.

Blackie ...

Very creative and a beautiful piece.

Will ...

Awesome :)

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Stainsby Girl