Bighig beach chair

Editor's Choice - Jan 20, 2016

My fatherinlaw gave me some of his ruff sawn cedar I planed it down . Cut the slats with my table saw.Routed all the edges with a round over bit. Then glued and screwed. It’s lite an durable!

Woods: cedar

Tools: thickness planer table saw router table drill



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Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Nice job , looks like it would be comfortable .

jim webster ...

looks good

TonyCan ...

Oh man thats a nifty idea! Like that a lot!! Any chance you have some plans for it?

Roy ...

pretty cool. I do believe I’ll have to make a set for the softer half and I. Nice looking chair and good choice in lumber. What was your final thickness on the pieces?

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

I’m with Roy, details!

a1jim ...

Looks just right.

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Bighig beach chair