library, ladder, book cases,and stool.

Editor's Choice - Jun 19, 2014

I went to their home to hang a couple doors. Six months later I had turned their four car garage into a full work shop. Installed all the base and crown. Built this entire library with rolling ladder, and the previous mahogany trestle table. Of all the projects my favorite was the ladder.


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lanwater ...

Beautiful work.

The ladder is striking.

Brian ...

The ladder is my favorite too along with the arches. Nice work.

MsDebbieP ...

and “wow”.

(nice “couple of doors”)

David E. ...

Come to hang doors, stay to build custom library! Those must have been some doors! Great Job on the whole thing, but I agree, the ladder and arched rails are striking. Something very organic about your design that draws your attention to it. Beautiful!

kiefer ...

Very nice work and I would guess your customer is very happy with the result .
I know the way it goes when a customer likes your work and you hear "While we got you here " that means you are in for a extended stay .

HorizontalMike ...

I really, really like the idea of the ladder! Can it be designed so that you can hide it at the end of the shelving/library? To me that would be the ultimate!

Quin W. ...

Thanks for the kind words, the ladder does detach from the brass bar and store in the corner out of the way. I couldn’t attach it on the other side of the room so I built the desk stool with the hinged seat to double as a step ladder.

lightweightladylefty ...

What a lovely library! I’ve always admired libraries with ladders. This is especially delightful. Thanks for sharing.


lightweightladylefty ...

So sorry about the double post. This dial-up times out and when I try to get the page back, it posts again.


MontyJ ...

That’s amazing work! So you moved the shop into their garage to do the work, which means they got to see what went into it. They will appreciate it even more for that.

a1jim ...

Lots of great work and cool designs.

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library, ladder, book cases,and stool.