Router table

I could not find a router table that I liked. I wanted a high fence and long table. I finally decided I could build want I wanted “cheaper” than buying one. (Don’t tell my wife I may have gone over budget a little) It is 4 foot by 28 inch. I used Maple plywood for sides. Maple for faceframe and trim.
The top is two layers of 3/4 MDF laminated.
I ran 4" hose directly to the fence and under the table for dust collection.
I ran into an issue when I realized I didnt properly plan for the switch and hinges on the center panel so I decided to simply add a lip on the cabinet door face and install magnets for a catch.

Woods: mdf maple walnut pine

Tools: table saw router router table random orbit sander drill press drill

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Boone's Woodshed ...

Excellent job Jeff.

TonyCan ...

Table looks great!

lightweightladylefty ...


Now, THAT’S a real router table!!


Jack ...

Beautiful work Jeff.

a1jim ...

It looks great Jeff,I’m with you I don’t care for small router tables.

Sycamore ...

Very nice looking and will do a great job.

Michael De Petro ...

I’m envious! That is a beautiful looking tool. Great job!

Justsimplywood ...

Great work

Jeff ...

Thank you for the compliments!

Shin ...

Oh, I have router table envy! Nice job!

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Router table