Men's Valet Box With Phone Charging and Hidden Compartments.

Editor's Choice - Feb 11, 2016

On this box I used Alder for the inner part of the box then bandsawed out the drawers along with the hidden compartments and then came back and wrapped it as you would a traditional miter joint box, I used Nogal (Peruvian Walnut) for the base and Texas Cedar Elm for the lid, drawer pulls, hinges and corner splines, when gluing the pulls on I drill a small hole to allow a tooth pick to enter and use a tooth pick as a dowel to seal the bond between both parts as the pulls are only but 3/8” thick. I added a notch on the top center back wall to allow a phone cord to pass through allowing phone charging with lid fully closed. This design is mine own design which incorporates both bandsaw box and traditional miter joint box together. It offers a hidden drawer along with a hidden compartment which is accessed by way of the small coin tray using magnets to lift off the false bottom door. The hidden drawer is also held in place by a magnet to keep if from slipping out when moving the large drawer around. It has my custom made wooden hinges. For the drawers along with the hidden compartment I used a dark brown flocking.

This Box measures 13 ” long 7 1/2” high x 9 1/2” Deep, the hidden compartment measures 7” x 5 3/4” x 2” It is Finished in a single coat of Tung oil and several coats of my on mix of satin wipe on poly and a final coat of paste wax. The hidden compartment is large enough to house most all compact and pocket size pistols with extra magazine and a box of shells.

Thanks for Viewing.

Woods: nogal walnut cedar elm

Tools: table saw bandsaw drill press router miter saw

Tags: men's jewelry box men's valet box jewelry box hidden compartments

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Andulino ...

Nice :)

jim webster ...

way to go blackie nice

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

really nice design , looks good .

a1jim ...

That’s a cool design nice work

Jeff Vandenberg ...

awesome job

Blackie ...

Thanks all for the great comments.

HorizontalMike ...

Late is seeing this. Great job and great contrast is wood choice Randy.

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Men's Valet Box With Phone Charging and Hidden Compartments.