bunch o'clocks

I recently made a bunch of clocks for an upcoming show in July. These are all made from cutoffs and scraps that I kept saving because I just hated to throw them away but figured they would come in useful some day. Most all of the clock inserts are similar but I am still trying to locate a source with a more extensive variety.

Greg the Cajun Box Sculptor


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Madts ...

I have used these guys with good luck. Huge selection.

Nice clocks by the way.

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

Art Deco….nice…love the style. Is a bandsaw a big part of your toolkit?

Brian ...

I love clocks. Nice job.

lanwater ...

Very nice array of clocks.
The assortment of wood from the scrap box is outstanding.

They will sell quickly.

Greg ...

Thanks…these were fun to make a it was a nice change of pace from my box sculpting. I made 15 clocks in about the same time it takes to carve one box.
Madts…klockit has a good selection of inserts, however everywhere I look there only seems to be inserts with shiny brass looking rims. Something other than brass would be welcomed.

Wolf and Rabbit.. I use my bandsaw a good bit but most of these were made from templates I made.

a1jim ...

Wow those are all amazing designs and beautiful clocks Greg.

More Creations Greg

bunch o'clocks