Record Shelf

Haven’t been too active recently. I’m back in night school, so I’ve mostly put the business in extended vacation mode. However, an old neighbor looked me up to see if I could build him a record shelf to match a CD shelf a buddy of his made him awhile back before moving out of state. The goal was to match the style, height and length of the existing shelf, while keeping costs down by only using one sheet of plywood, and some Maple for the faces / edging. He is planning on staining and finishing it himself to help with the costs.

In order for the plywood bottom and shelf to withstand the weight of the records, I added strips of steel bar stock routed into the underside of the shelf. Hopefully it will help keep the shelves from bowing.

The last image is the picture he sent of the one to match.

Thanks for looking, and have a good one!

Woods: maple maply plywood

Tools: table saw with dado router

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a1jim ...

Good build

James L Wilcox ...

Interesting build. Simple and sweet. Excellent matching. Good job.

jim webster ...


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Record Shelf