Wooden Cross

Bo please can we use your chisels to make a cross for the walk of witness at school on Thursday….

We had lots of fun working on this as it was a last minute make last weekend. I had a go at clinching nails and slotting wood together. My little cousin got involved every step of the way and I let her do the decorative carving herself.

The clinching was a learning curb and getting the measurements right for being able to slot the two pieces together was interesting but all in all the project went well 😊

Woods: scrap

Tools: saw chisels sand paper hammer

Tags: happy easter



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Richforever ...

Nice project. Well worth the effort. Good time of year to do it. Thanks.

a1jim ...

That’s a great project Bo and timed just right for Easter,you can be very proud of your hard work.

Bo Peep ...

Thanks guys, we had fun doing it and even though it was a last minute thing it was timed perfectly

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

I’m grinning ear to ear. Not the finest woodwork I’ve ever seen but the look on her face? Just Priceless. I love it for that and I’d bet it’s not the last thing she makes. Just lovely.


Bo Peep ...

She is my little shadow and is constantly asking if we can go outside and use my tools. I was teaching her how a drill works today and we cleaned out the chickens together. The hope is that I’ll be a good enough role model that she’ll keep it up and learn from all of my mistakes. I wasn’t able to start that young but she is already hooked 😊

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Wooden Cross