Lola's stool

Editor's Choice - Mar 30, 2016

This is a stool for a clients pup. She likes to sit at the table. It’s 24" in diameter. 20" tall. The legs are set at 100 degree angle. There is 1/4" round bar inset in each leg. I used Sam Maloof poly/oil finish.

Woods: sapele 1/4 round bar

Tools: table saw circle router jig plunge router mig welder chop saw orbital sander dado maloof oil finish

Tags: stool metal work sapele

Tim Cahill


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MsDebbieP ...

I thought, “how wonderful — a child’s chair with her name on it. Precious” and then I read the description.. silly me!

Indistressed ...

Ha, I think it’s perfect for a child’s chair. In fact I’m going to make one for my nephew for his birthdsy

a1jim ...

Great design and build.

Todd Clippinger ...

We are dog lovers, we understand;) Love it!

jim webster ...

good job

Indistressed ...

So am I Todd. Main reason I took the job to design and build.

oldrivers ...

Great build, congrats.

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Lola's stool