Scrapwood Rib modular bench that folds almost flat.

Editor's Choice - Apr 28, 2016

Building modular section.

Fit and assembly.

Two sections placed together.

Woods: 3/4" plywood 3/4" dowels

Tools: wood glue drill press 3/4" forstner bit wood screw clamps bar clamps

Tags: bench plywood dowel

Clint Hanson


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a1jim ...

Very cool bench Clint,that’s a lot of scrap ply.

Arky ...

I collect the scrap from our wood shop at the college I attend. Its amazing what can be thrown away.

lanwater ...

Great work.

Original idea. It looks nice.

jim webster ...

looks good alot of cutting

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Nice design , really good looking bench

Mike40 ...

Very cool.

Misfit ...

Original Designer is Nozib…but surely you know this.

Arky ...

Actually, I had not seen the Nozib chairs yet thanks for sharing that info. They are very similar indeed.

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Scrapwood Rib modular bench that folds almost flat.