2 cedar benches

Built these yesterday afternoon going to sell at farmers market.

Woods: western cedar

Tools: router tablesaw mitre saw sander


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Jack ...

Beautiful work Sheri, they look strong and solidly built.

jim webster ...

good job

a1jim ...

Looks good,but I do wonder about wood movement with the top held down tight.


Sheri ...

Thanks, they are definitely strong and definitely no movement. I had many people wiggle on it and they never moved. I cheated and used pocket hole screws on top and bottom of each piece and reinforced under the bench that you can’t see. I though they would have movement and nope none. I usually sport the legs down below but it didn’t need it.

Sheri ...

Thanks a1Jim I will keep this article for future projects:)

Sheri ...

Thank you:)

Mark44 ...

If you don’t mind, what do you think they will sell for? I’ve thought about renting a space, but I don’t have a clue about what stuff is worth. I really like these sturdy benches. If they weren’t so nice, they could be used to stand on while working on your boat.

Sheri ...

Lol, we just sold our boat.. I would sell these for $40-60 each give or take. I put them together in a couple of hours and I did them both at the same time so that saved me time.

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