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There have been a lot of pieces written about how to build storage racks for woodworking clamps. One problem is, most of us have several different types of clamps and some of them require a different type of rack. Another problem is, the clamp storage is not always where the clamps are needed. I recently saw an ad for a portable clamp rack. However, it was about $200 with the accessories I would need. Thus the following creation…

The base is 24" square and is 3/4" plywood with a swiveling caster on each corner. All of the wooden structure is 3/4" X 1 1/4" teak stock that was rescued from an old broken beach umbrella. All of the hanger bars are 1/4" – 20 all thread with chrome acorn nuts to keep things smooth and safe. The unit is 65" tall and tapers from 24" to 7" at the top. One side tapers more the that other. The reason is some of my clamps will hang OK on a vertical plane while others require a slight slant to stay in place. The small top shelf is at eye level and is a good place to store fasteners and hardware needed for the current project. The middle shelf is 14" X 21" and is where I store my glue and the tools I need for the project. Both shelves were made from recycled pallet lumber.

I have 3 threaded bars under the shelves. The top two are used to hang smaller pistol grip clamps and spring clamps. The one under the middle shelf is used to hang my Bessey clamping blocks and Rockler assembly squares.

I’m 72 retired and on a fixed income, so I pride myself in not spending money. Here’s some hints if you decide to build this rack… Home Depot has 1/4" threaded rod for less than $5 for a 10 foot piece and they have the acorn nuts for about two bits each. The casters came off a $9 furniture dolly from Harbor Freight. I have about $30 in this piece that brings the clamps to the job… And it uses only 4 square feet of floor space.

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Very nice rack Mark.

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