Duck Carving

Here is my completed duck carving made for my dad’s 50th birthday. I really enjoyed making this piece as I was left to my own devices in the shed with little interruptions. Alongside that the piece of oak I was using has become my new love in life and the finally sharpened v tool has become my new best friend!

After the excess wood was cut off I added a layer of clear gloss varnish and left it to dry. My dad was delighted when I handed it to him as he has been snooping around the shed door trying to find out what I’ve been working on. He is now aloud back in the shed – for the time being!

Woods: oak

Tools: carving chisels saw pencil

Tags: wood carving



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a1jim ...

Some folks are hard to hide surprises from.Well done

Bo Peep ...

Thankyou. I took to locking myself in the shed at one point but it was all worth the effort 😊

Richforever ...

Nice carving. v tools make pretty good friends.

Bo Peep ...

Thankyou 😊 yes I totally agree and they don’t backchat either!

Jack ...

Congrats Bo Peep, very nice work.

Bo Peep ...

Thanks guys 😊

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