Door Harp

Editor's Choice - Jul 01, 2014

I was looking for a project to make that was going to be something we get to keep and that was unique. I’ve seen many door harps and door harp patterns, but I wanted some thing just a little different. This is my design for our Mandolin Door Harp.

Many years ago, someone gave us 8 pianos that were in total disrepair – so we salvaged many pieces and parts and scraped the rest. Some of those parts was the ivory from the keys and the ebony keys. They worked out perfect for this project. I used the ivory in some of the inlay and the ebony key to string the striking balls from. We made the mock fingerboard and headstock from one piece of Wenge and added brass inlay for the frets. The sound box we used spruce (smelled just like pencils!) and the front and back skins were 1/8" Baltic birch ply. Then we veneered the top skin and I put it in the laser to add the design for my inlays. Last thing we did was add the guitar strings across the mandolin and place the striking balls.

Had a blast making this door harp and really like the way it turned out, right afterwards, we made a Piano Door Harp!


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lanwater ...

That is beautiful.
What’s the finish?

Terry ...

Just a clear enamel – satin finish

lanwater ...


lightweightladylefty ...


Everything about your mandolin is beautiful, but I’m a pianist so, of course, I’m partial to the grand piano! I’d love to make one some day, however . . . my to-do list is about 40 years long now so it’s unlikely I’ll get to it before my days run out.

Thanks for sharing.


Mike40 ...

Great work with a lot of charm. This is the first one I’ve ever seen so I was amazed to learn that they originated in Scandinavia. May the Swedes are more familiar with them.

a1jim ...

That’s wonderful work

Terry ...

A really fun project for both my husband and myself.

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