Custom Tea Box

Made with walnut, curly maple and true mahogany dividers.
linseed oil and wax finish.
Dimensions 14″×9″×3″ (approx.)

Woods: maple walnut mahogany

Tools: table saw dovetail saw dovetail marker combination square dado set angle cutting sled

Tags: teabox



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Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Very nice , like the contrast .

a1jim ...

Beautiful box ,so very well done.

lightweightladylefty ...


That maple is some of the nicest figure we’ve seen. You really put it to good use. Lovely!


Steve Tow ...

That is elegantly beautiful!
And Wow.

Hopewellwoodwork ...

Thank you all! You are very kind.
The box came out ok, but never perfect!

Sheri ...

Great job! Love the choices in wood the contrast between them looks amazing.

Mark44 ...

Very, very impressive. Is the divider matrix floating so that it can be removed? Also, I was blown away by the professional illustration and its dimension notations.

Hopewellwoodwork ...

Well Mark44, the diagram wasn’t there to show off my sketchup skill I can tell you. It was Just to give approximate dimensions. I really find sketchup useful in clarifying a design, see if the ratios are pleasing.
And conceptualizing what it will look like.
The grids are removable. They are just the width of the other grid cut halfway through

Madts ...

Absolutely a beautiful box. Nice choice of woods.


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