tree trunk jewlery box

Coworker pulled out a old Cedar tree/shrub I took part of the bottom trunk and cut about 4-5 inchs off ,pulled all the bark off and cut a inch off to be the lid.I used a 1" forstner bit to create a dish in the bottom.Placed small brass box feet in to the centre holes from the forstner bits,great to put rings on to keep them from moving around.Sanded the inside and finished with 5 coats varathane ,and used magnets to keep lid in place ,and same brass feet on the bottom.Colours turn out great and you can see where two trees merged in to 1

Woods: cedar

Tools: sliding compound saw hand saw forstner bit

Tags: jewelry box


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a1jim ...

Totally unique,well done.

Bill T ...


Jack ...

Nice work Bill, truly one of a kind.

HorizontalMike ...

Mikey likes it!

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tree trunk jewlery box