My Willow Table

This little table was made for a challenge, back in 2007!
Prior to this build, I really hadn’t used a hammer for more than hanging up pictures! The table holds a LOT of first for me!

Woods: willow


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MsDebbieP ...


Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

I love seeing you contribute. That’s a nice little table. You done good.

MsDebbieP ...

thank-you :)

lanwater ...

I like your design MsDebbieP.
It look really nice.

a1jim ...

Cool little table,I gather this was built back when you did woodworking in your kitchen?

MsDebbieP ...

back when I almost didn’t know how to operate a hammer haha

RobsCastle ...

You can always tell a good restaraunt if the chef eats there !
I guess the same goes for wood working I assume.
Nice looking table, I think one of my first projects was a similar sized table.

MsDebbieP ...

that’s so true re: restaurant analogy

Sheri ...

I like it, it’s cute. Great first project!

MsDebbieP ...

Thanks, Sheri.

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My Willow Table