Chess Board Table

Editor's Choice - Jul 11, 2016

This is a chess board table dreamed up by my wife and I! It evolved as we went along building it! It is made of walnut and maple and took about 100 hours to build. The chess board top has a piano hinge so one can store the pieces inside when not in use. I turned the legs on the lathe and made the pieces on my scroll saw. The pattern for the pieces were designed by Clayton Meyers and purchased from his etsy site Claytonspatterns! The chess board top was finished with epoxy. This is the first time I used epoxy and it turned out to be a challenge!
Thanks for looking and hope you all enjoy it half as much as we did making it! What a blast!

Woods: walnut maple

Tools: table saw miter saw scroll saw sanders files lathe planer circular saw dremel



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a1jim ...

Very unique design and a super build Dave.

David Roberts ...

Thanks Jim!

oldrivers ...

Very nice design, great workmanship.

Jack ...

Beautiful work David.

David Roberts ...

Wow! Editors choice! Thank you very much!

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

Well why not? Beautiful job and, like me and rabbit, a collaboration of design. Well done and congrats.

Brian ...

Very nice craftsmanship. Really beautiful.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Best chess board (table) I have ever seen .

David Roberts ...

Thank you Bruce!

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Chess Board Table