Re-purposed Whiskey Barrel Bottom: Finished Product

Editor's Choice - Jul 21, 2016

Some months back I posted a picture of the whiskey barrel bottom that I routed and painted for a friend, who was then going to do a painting in the middle of.

Finally got a picture of the finished project. This was a wedding gift from the painter, Sherre to her brother. Sherre’s brother lives in Mexico and is known as Gallo (Rooster), so she wanted a sign that he could hang on the front door of his house. I think that it turned out pretty nice and I gather that it’s going to be hung indoors. :-)

Tools: router sander paint

Tags: whisky barrel bottom oak rooster gallo

Keith "Shin" Schindler


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Bill T ...

Very cool nice job wish I could paint like that

a1jim ...

That looks fantastic.

Shin ...

I really should have clarified that Sherre Clegg did the painting of the Rooster. It’s mentioned in the post, but not clear enough. :-(

Sheri ...

Great job and nice painting!

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Re-purposed Whiskey Barrel Bottom:  Finished Product