woodbow wedding box

Wedding box for my daughters best friend. I changed up the design from last couple I made .This one has a lift off lid,and the wood bow was the first one I made a big thank you to Oldrivers pointing me the right direction for the woodbows .I have a couple of boxs of hardwood flooring (short pieces all under 2 FT) from doing the living room I used a belt sander to take the finish off ,ran them threw the table saw to square up (dont have a joiner)glued them together then through thickness planner corners just a plan 90 degree and ggued sides and top together,ran through table saw to cut top off and then used thickness planner to square up lid to bottom. Bottom is some 1/4 " oak hobby planks from Homedepot (used that and the poplar hobby planks from them for the woodbows and ribbons ) aside from the bows hardest part was making the beveled edges to keep the lid from sliding off

Tools: table saw thickness planer belt sander scroll saw bandsaw


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Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Really nice job , the bow is excellent .

Bill T ...


a1jim ...

Very nice work Bill,a super gift.

oldrivers ...

What a beautiful box! I love the Bow, great job, congratulations.

Bill T ...

Thanks for the info on doing the bows …..thought when I seen them before they were done in a steam box figured not something I could do until your link you have me thanks again that’s why I love this sight everyone willing to help and give support

David Roberts ...

Very nice!

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woodbow wedding box