Curvy Celtic Pendant

Editor's Choice - Jul 04, 2014

I created this pendant from basswood. I took the idea from the celtic knot pattern I had in a book of Celtic patterns. I cut the pattern out on the scroll saw and drilled the holes for the chain. I then carved in the knot detail with a hand carving knife and sanded with 100 and 120 grit and finished with 220 grit. I soaked the pendant in Danish oil and left it overnight to dry and then sprayed a couple of coats of lacquer. I hotfixed the three emerald rhinestones and attached a copper coloured chain.

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Sean ...

Nice. Love it. Great piece of personal satisfation.

lightweightladylefty ...


This is really nice — very unique. You did an outstanding job on the scrolling and carving.


Celticscroller ...

Thank you Sean and L/W. It was fun to make.

lanwater ...

Very nice piece. You did a great job.
I was looking on how you made the illusion of the weave the I re-read you post and realized you carved part of it. Very cleaver.

Celticscroller ...

Thank you Ian. Yes in order to get the weave I had to hand carve and sand the detail.

a1jim ...

Wow this looks like a very challenging piece. outstanding work.

Celticscroller ...

Thank you Jim. Celtic designs are my favourite.

CharleeAnn ...

I love this!!

Celticscroller ...

Thank you CharleeAnn

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