10 Bench Dogs for Under $20

Rather than purchase bench dogs for $10 each + shipping, I went ahead and found some spring-loaded door latch roller balls on eBay and made my own using 3/4" oak dowel from Home Depot and leather scraps from a bag I purchased at a local craft store.

I used the band saw with stops for all of the depth cuts and a drill press for the roller ball holes. I Gorilla glued the roller balls and just used a little Titebond for the leathers. It took about an hour to complete all of these, including drying time.

You can read more about them at http://MolnarOpus1.blogspot.com

Woods: red oak

Tools: band saw drill press

Tags: workbench dog

Darin R. Molnar


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Madts ...

Nice idea. I might just make some.


Darin ...

Just do it! :-)

AnthonyG ...

Cool idea.

a1jim ...

Very creative,well done.

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10 Bench Dogs for Under $20