Jupiter Rising Clock

Editor's Choice - Aug 01, 2016

I received a clock kit in the mail yesterday and right away knew I wanted to incorporate some highly figured birdseye maple I’ve had sitting around in a clock design. One particular piece reminded me a lot of Jupiter – with the different swirls and color bands – so I combined it with some curly cherry to make this piece. Super happy with how it turned out, and I had a lot of fun designing it and putting it together.

Woods: birdseye maple cherry

Tools: router table saw sander

Tags: clock


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a1jim ...

Very nice.

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

heh, I was thinking if you’d set the clock to 11:45 it would have been a perfect photo.

lovely clock.

Nick Endle ...

Wolf (& Rabbit!)… hahaha I should’ve!

David Roberts ...

Probably the nicest clock I’ve ever seen! Great job!

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Jupiter Rising Clock