Home made Moxon type vise

Editor's Choice - Nov 15, 2016

I have always wanted one of these vises. Firstly because they are inexpensive, and secondly because they are portable.
It all started when I saw the tap and die for sale through Garrett Wade for about $ 51.00
After that it was gluing up some scrap 1/2" baltic birch in 3 layers. Cutting some threads in 1 1/4" dowels and tapping 2 holes in the back piece and glue and screw in the threaded dowel. The horizontal clamping piece is made from oak.
The nuts are dimensioned after a 2×4. I thought that they would be too small, but the gripping power is just awesome.
There is no metal in this thing at all.

Woods: baltic birch plywood oak

Tags: moxon vise

Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.


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lanwater ...

Wow. Well done Madts.

Was it easy to cut the thread? any breackage?

Madts ...

Breakage in the beginning until I sharpened the cutter and soaked the wood. After that easy-peasy if the wood dowel is straight grained.


a1jim ...

A very useful tool well done.

Brian ...

That is awesome. So many possibilities. Good stuff.

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Home made Moxon type vise