Pallet Wood Rustic Christmas Tree

Editor's Choice - Dec 07, 2016

Other than the cat, there’s only the two of us at our house at Christmas time. We don’t even have visitors. Not that we wouldn’t welcome them, it’s just that everyone is busy and our kids and Selena’s mom are in the DFW area, 330+ miles to the North. With that, we don’t always put up the Christmas tree.

Selena and I went to a Christmas craft show yesterday and saw pallet wood Christmas trees. The idea was cool, but they were cut similar to an arrowhead. Straight angles cut on each end of the “bows.” I pictured something different and came up with this design.

Constructed of scrap wood, it’s taken maybe an hour to build, not including bending and installing the star.

One of the trees that we saw was not painted green, but instead a variety of holiday colors. That’s how Selena wants to do this one. I’m going to let her dry brush paint it then I’m going to add lights and barb wire garland. It’s been fun to do, that’s for sure.

Well, we decided not to add lights. We like it as is. The ornaments are made by a friend of mine. I call them Junaments. Her name is June. :-)

Woods: pallet wood

Tools: table saw sabre saw nail gun belt sander

Tags: christmas tree pallet wood

Keith "Shin" Schindler


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TonyCan ...


a1jim ...

Nice design Keth ,“No visitors” we aren’t doing anything on Christmas,What’s for dinner ?LOL

Shin ...

Thanks guys. a1Jim, we haven’t worked the menu out yet. :-)

Bill T ...

looks great post a finished picture

Brian ...

The barbed wire is a great idea.

Madts ...

Wonderful Idea. Saves killing all those poor trees.


MsDebbieP ...

I like it ….
hmmm wondering about wood-burning all the family names onto the branches… hmmm then – not only a Christmas tree but a family tree .. hmmmm

Shin ...

Thanks, everybody. Selena painted it yesterday. I’ll post another pick later. Need to get lights and the “garland” on it.

MsDebbieP, that’s a neat idea.

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Pallet Wood Rustic Christmas Tree