Tea box

Editor's Choice - Dec 14, 2016

This is a gift for my wife. Measures 7 × 7 × 5 inches and has 4 compartments for tea bags. Hinges are Soss style. I must have messed up the alignment of the hinge mortices because the box doesn’t close all the way. That’s probably a good thing since neither the box nor the lid are square. Dang, making these little boxes is hard. It’s not up to par but it’s shiny at least. Finished with Danish oil. Made with pallet wood and ekki cutoffs I got at work. The colors are gorgeous. Too bad nothing fits nicely together. The black marks inside are nail holes from the pallets. I couldn’t hide all of them. The dividers and bottom are mahogany, I think, which came from the back of an antique bureau I refurbished last year. Anyway I’m sure my wife will love it. She’s very forgiving.

Tools: table saw

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Jack ...

Very nice work Brian. The little points you mentioned will make it mean more.

David E. ...

Don’t be too hard on yourself, I think it looks great. The splines are a really nice contrast to the woods used. The fit of the dividers looks spot on. Miters look tight. The floating top feature is fantastic!

Brian ...

Yeah… Floating top! That’s the ticket! LOL

Mitres are not as tight as they appear. I need to get one of those digital angle guides. Honestly, after the box glue up I would have tossed it and started over except I didn’t have enough material and the pallet wood, whatever it is, has a really beautiful contrasting straight grain that I like a lot. So like I said, at least it’s shiny.

a1jim ...

Unsquare happens ,looks good Brian.

Brian ...

“Unsquare happens”. That should be a bumper sticker. ;-)

oldrivers ...

Good work nice gift box.

Hopewellwoodwork ...

No worries. she’ll love it anyway!!!
The way I was taught to do miters, was take a long piece of wood, cut it at 45 or as close as your miter gauge will let you, then take the two pieces and match them together so you have a 90 degree angle. then take the square and check for square. if there are gaps around the square, then either slightly change the angle one way or the other, then recut the angles again, until the angle is perfectly square.
Ive tried using angle boxes, accurate miter gauges, nothing seems to work as well as just tweaking the angle of the saw blade. sorry its not a great description, but I’m sure you can search the net to find a youtube video that can show you.

Brian ...

I totally get it. I usually experiment hut this time I don’t know what I was thinking. I should have run some scraps through first.

The lid was made with a mitre sled and I’m really disappointed that didn’t come out nice. I spent a lot of time making that thing, adjusting, etc. I must have dropped it on the floor or something since the last time I used it. Going to have to recalibrate it.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Looks fine , she will love it.

Sheri ...

Very nice, clean looking!

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Tea box