Large Plant Floor Stand

Editor's Choice - Jan 09, 2017

A little late for a Christmas present, the almost-finished stand for one of the wife’s floor standing plants. Waiting for the poly to fully cure, then a light sanding and wax finish.

Approximate dimensions are 8" tall, 10" wide, with a slightly thicker than 2" top. Legs sport four-sided tapers. Skirts and legs are fastened via dowels and glue. Top is secure to the skirts on the two non-expansion sides.

Finish is made of two applications of Dark Walnut oil-based stain, two applications of WATCO Danish oil, and three coats of Helmsman clear polyurethane.

Tools: table saw thickness planer hand planes drill press spokeshave screwdriver sanders sandpaper screws

Tags: stands plant stand reclaimed wood pine


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a1jim ...

That’s one sturdy looking plant stand.

PMB Creative Works ...

It sure is. I will be making a line of various stiles of stools and stands, so this prototype is giving me some ideas for future builds. Being soft pine, I wouldn’t think this would hold my weight, doweled joinery and all. At least the wife can’t come up with a plant this won’t hold. :)

oldrivers ...

Well Done.

PMB Creative Works ...

Thanks! Put it to work last night. Looks good. Wife’s happy. :)

Brian ...

Very nice finish. I find it really hard to make a nice flat surface. Too bad, in a way, it’s going to be covered up.

PMB Creative Works ...

Thanks, Brian. The thickness planer make flattening easy and minimized sander. I felt the same about the top being covered up with a pot. As it is, there is a thin rubber mat on it to protect the soft pine from being scratched by the rough bottom of the pot. Future builds will have an in-laid ceramic tile.

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Large Plant Floor Stand