Wedding Present

This was a Box that I built for a fellow woodworker friend of mine. We all have areas of expertise and what an honor it is to be asked by a fellow woodworker to build something for her to give to her son as a wedding present. I had made enough of the lid pattern for 4 small boxes and 1large. When working on a previous box, she spotted the perfect Wedding Present.

The pattern on the lid is made with Bocote, Maple, and Gabon Ebony. The box itself is made from Madagascar Ebony and I made it extra special with Brusso Side Rail Hinges.

Woods: bocote maple gabon ebony

Tools: sliding compound saw bandsaw router wood glue planer sander a ton of sandpaper table saw

Tags: ebony box beautiful keepsake box



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Bill T ...

beautiful job the lid looks fantastic

oldrivers ...

Beautiful and unique box.

David E. ...

Great looking box!

David A Sylvester ...

Beautiful! Nice work

Grimes Turns ...

Beautiful box. Fantastic top.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Fantastic work, the lid is awesome.

a1jim ...

I always like the tumbling block design,great job.

TonyCan ...

Great box, the wood choices pull well together.

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Wedding Present