Rick's Spice Rack

I have a similar spice rack in my kitchen and my niece asked if Rick could make one for her, to hold the jar size that she provided and to fit into a specific space in her home.

I think it looks lovely…. she will see the finished product today. I hope she likes it

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oldrivers ...

Very nice!

a1jim ...

wow Debbie once your niece fills that up she can open her own “Spice Mart”
Good job Rick.

MsDebbieP ...

thanks, guys.

Haha, yes, AiJim… :)

(She says that she has containers of baking soda and other baking items to go in it as well, besides the spices)

MsDebbieP ...

My spice rack has the dowels sitting about half way up the space, which is so annoying as you can’t get the bottles in and out. I made sure that Rick had this piece of knowledge when he made this one!
Now I want him to take apart mine and rebuild it :)

Jack ...

Nice work, what might the dementions be?

MsDebbieP ...

It is about 56" high and 26" wide, to fit a specific space in her home.
Oh, and she LOVES it!! — giddy with excitement!

kiefer ...

That’s very nice and it will be easy to locate a particular item at a glance .

MsDebbieP ...

and, as you can imagine, the wood smells nice even without the spices on it :)

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Really nice work. Good job

MsDebbieP ...

thanks :) I’ll pass it on to Rick.

Moment ...

Very nice work Debbie !

MsDebbieP ...

I will pass the message on to Rick :)

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