Green oak gates

Editor's Choice - Mar 07, 2017

These gates were created log to final form at my yard/workshop.

Woods: green oak

Tools: planer jointer chisels mortiser bandsaw tennoner hand tools

Tags: professional woodworking green oak gate

Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.


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Brian ...

Looking good. How much fencing was part of the job? Looks like a lot of work.

a1jim ...

Those all are great beautiful, much better than some of the ugly plastic gates and fencing that box stores sell.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Thanks guys. The bit of fencing you can see in the photos is all there is think there was about 10metres which is nothing really.

The mortices are two passes with the 40×50mm chain set I have for the morticer the rails are nominal 38 mm so a nice fit in the holes.

oldrivers ...

Beautiful gates, great workmanship.

Manitario ...

Those must have been a lot of work, I imagine that the gates were impressively heavy!

Whitacrebespoke ...

No as much work as you think 4 hours planing stock then about 14 hours in the little one with the vertical slats and about 18hours for the other 3. The beauty of green oak is it works with edge tools easily and quickly.

They were however heavy.

Thanks guys!

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Very impressive work.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Thanks Bruce

RobsCastle ...

Nice work on the gates, very well done, and documented both in Text and Graphics.
They are very stylish and functiona.l
I have a couple of questions,
1. What was the acid wash you used to stabilise the tannin.
2. Although they are very impressive why would you put gates across a stock ramp?

It could cause you to break the heel off your stiletto’s or snag your fishnet stockings when opening them! (humour)

3. I would like to see your chain morticer at work sometime, there is not too many of them around these days.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Rob, I use Oxalic acid to clean of the blue stain caused by the reaction between the Tannic acid in the oak and ferrous metal. I now use the very strong powdered stuff you mix yourself, in the past I just used premixed wood bleacher.

2, who knows why the client wanted gates over the cattle grid. They were dairy farmers and kept their cows at the farm down the road so I’d say when they moved into the cottage 30 years ago they were too lazy to close the gates. Now though the gates are automated. This current set of gates is a straight replacement for the old set.

As for old biter as the stationary chain morticer is known I will try take some video one day. My problem is the upload speed of our internet at home.

It’s a very impressive lump of cast and despite having just brought a makita portable chain morticer I think the stationary one would still be my go too tool for timbers I can manage to get on to it as my biggest chain is 40×50mm so it will tear out a mortice 40mm wide x150 long x 150mm deep in three plunges in about 60seconds. Where as the portable makita needs several plunges per section and about 4/6 moves to hog out a hole the same size.

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Green oak gates