Wine and mr.hanky

Editor's Choice - Mar 29, 2017

Wine and Mr. Hanky. Both mesquite but Mr. Hanky has a balsamic vinegar stain. Yes, the stuff you put in a vinegarett.

Woods: mesquite

Ronnie D. Farmer


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a1jim ...

totally unique.

RonnieFarmer ...

Totally crap. It’s ok. This is my first official woodworking piece. It’s supposed to be. These are my first steps into a much larger world. I’m ok with it being crap. The first time I wrote my name looked horrible. As does this.

David E. ...

Ronnie, Don’t beat yourself up. You did a good job on these. Whittling isn’t easy from my viewpoint, and I wouldn’t have even come close to finishing one if I started. I don’t have the patience. So take pride in what you accomplished, and continue learning as you go!

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Nice work . I whittled 1 pc and that was enough for me . It was a fishing pole handle made from oak.