Small Victorian Table Reproduction

First off: I don’t do curves. My husband reproduced this table.

After my husband retired, he began preaching at a small country church. It had been built as a one-room schoolhouse and just after the turn of the century (1900), it was converted to a church. In the front of the church, in front of the pulpit, sat a small oval table. No one knew quite when it was acquired or from whom. After admiring it for some time, my husband decided to build one.

The first table like this that he built was made out of poplar and given to the younger daughter.

The curves were made on the bandsaw and smoothed with the spindle sander, belt sander, and a 2” pattern bit in the router. Then the profiles were routed using ball-bearing bits.

The legs are mortised/tenoned into the lathed centerpiece.

Thanks for any comments or questions.

Woods: oak

Tools: band saw table saw mortiser router sander

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Bentlyj ...

Well your husband did a mighty fine job.
Those all look like wonderful pieces.
(He can paint AND grow flowers too! Sounds like a keeper) :)
Where have you been hiding him?, you must show more….

lightweightladylefty ...


He certainly is a keeper! Summers keep him in the garden (which quiets his complaints of my monopolizing the shop)! He has a green thumb; mine’s brown (maybe black and blue from missing the nails would be more accurate). I can grow weeds quite successfully! I complained years ago about his gardening keeping me in the kitchen all late summer and early fall canning and freezing all the produce, and now he even helps with that!

He’s a pretty accomplished carver and pyrographer as well, but so much was given away without photographs taken.

I keep telling myself that if high-speed internet ever comes to our neighborhood, I will post more . . . but that’s a big IF!


Huff ...


Your husband does some beautiful work, just wish you had high speed internet so we could see more projects from both of you. lol

Thanks for sharing.

Brian ...

Very beautiful. He’s quite a craftsman.

Mike40 ...

Beautiful work L/W. I’m glad my wife isn’t reading this or she would demand a lot more out of me based on your husbands work in the shop and more importantly the garden! My mother had a small Victorian wood framed and upholstered rocking chair with a small padded footstool. The fabric was all needlepoint work. It would have looked very much at home next to your beautiful table. Please give your man my regards and tell him that I admire his work (and yours too).

lightweightladylefty ...

Huff, you have no idea how much we wish we had high speed internet! (I do take my laptop to a hotspot for Microsoft updates and other necessary downloads.)

Brian, thanks for your compliment!

Mike, the rocking chair and footstool sound like they would look perfect with the table, and I really love needlepoint. In fact, I used to do it when I was young and could see better! (Should I send my address to you by PM so you can ship them? LOL)

I’ll pass all your encouraging comments on to my hubby. Thanks, guys.


lanwater ...

Fine work indeed.
I would love to see the garden. It must be gorgeous.
On that note I got my wife involved with the backyard and delegated that to her :)
It only worked for a couple of months though(:

kiefer ...

Some beautiful looking tables and the gladiolas are very pretty too .
Thanks for showing the results of some labour of love .


lightweightladylefty ...

Ianwater, most of his gardening is edibles! There are a few flowers in it but he keeps us eating well. This year’s unusual endeavor is some watermelon that are supposed to get to be up to 200 pounds. Only one plant has survived and it has just one watermelon . . . but if it really grows, we’ll have enough for the whole neighborhood! We live in the woods so his largest garden is in a field we own a couple of miles away. He derives much joy from being able to give away the produce.

Klaus, I’m anxiously awaiting this year’s gladiolas. We always have fresh glads on the table and he takes many arrangements to our elderly friends in the local nursing home where he now preaches on Sundays. I’ve been praying for you and even though I can’t possibly know the depth of your pain, God does and He cares. Cast all your cares on Him for He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7


lanwater ...

I am losing my peach tree. A borer has been feasting on it and I did not pay attention. I don’t spray so the vermin had easy task.
No fruit of whatsoever this year. All my trees have very little to show. The few grapes that where maturing got taking care of by the raccoons…
Oh well that’s life.

DonB ...

Wonderful design, crafty presentation, well done on the finish.

a1jim ...

Very good craftsmanship these look wonderful.

lightweightladylefty ...

Thanks, Jim, for the compliments. I need to get out of the shop long enough for my husband to make some more of his special pieces.


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Small Victorian Table Reproduction