donation Canister

Made this piece for the Nutrition Center . We get 2 meals a day for $2.00 each. They had a coffee can that you put the money in. I told them I would make a canister with a lid . I cut oak and walnut into 3/4" x 1/2" strips . I cut the strips into 6" lengths . Then glued 5 oak , 1 walnut , then 5 oak together. I then cut them in half and add another oak at 90 degrees . I the cut them into round disc. I cut 4 of the disc into rings and then glued them together. I used the lathe to make the shape . Last thing was to add a piece of walnut to the lid with a slot in it for the money. The top piece of walnut also is shape so you can grab it to remove the lid.

Woods: oak walnut

Tools: table saw lathe scroll saw



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oldrivers ...

Looks Great! A job well done for a good cause.

Brian ...

Very nice.

a1jim ...

A very nice turning.

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donation Canister