Wooden Knife

My wife asked me if I could make a wooden knife for cutting brownies and cakes. This is my first attempt after about an hour of CNC design time (Vectric Aspire software). Handles and blade cut on the CNC machine, edge of blade hand sanded. The blade is cherry and the handle black walnut. Finish is mineral oil and beeswax.

Woods: cherry american black walnut

Tools: aspire software cnc router table

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Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Cool idea . Mineral oil and bees wax . Will that work for the finish inside a salad bowl ?

oldrivers ...

Very Nice work.

a1jim ...

super job Roger.

Manitario ...

looks nice, good design.

Brian ...

I love it! My wife would love it too. Maybe I can find some time to copy that.

Madts ...

Very, very cool. I just guys with CNC machines. I have programed CNC’s and what they can do is just awesome.


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Wooden Knife