Oak framed porch

Editor's Choice - Jul 05, 2017

Not quite sure how but pulled the oak frame off all done finished. From the top of the piers is 5080mm and from the centre of the ridge to the end of the principal rafters is 5000mm.

It was hard work as the sections are seriously big and heavy and I’m physically exhausted now but the job been pulled off successfully and now in my portfolio.

Woods: green oak

Tools: circular saw chisels mallet framing square plumb bob chain morticer chainsaw

Tags: professional woodworking oak frame

Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.


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lightweightladylefty ...

Congratulations on an ENORMOUS job! The customer should be very satisfied.


oldrivers ...

Fantastic! One big special skills job well done, Congratulations,

Whitacrebespoke ...

Thanks folks. Customer is very happy

RobsCastle ...

OK I see a porch, in fact I see a humungous porch,
However what I dont see is the juicy details,
What is it for
Who is it for
What do they do
Did you deliver the timber in your PU?
Where on earth did you get timber that size?
Obviously not Manards or Lowes
What did it cost/ if not confidential
How many drill batteries did you use?
and all that sort of juicy stuff please.
Sorry I realise you are tired but I need to know those things especially with a project of this magnitude.

Madts ...

Looks like a fun project. I hope that you had some big tools to put that in place.


Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

What a nice job. A very big project

Brian ...

Wow! It’s huge. And awesome too! Good job!

Whitacrebespoke ...

Thanks guys.

Robs castle I will write a blog entry about the build in more detail may have to do it in several stages though

a1jim ...

Wow what a giant and cool build fantastic job.

Kelly ...

You never cease to amaze ol man.

Heavy lifting equipment or not, it looks like some serious work went into every stage of this game,

Whitacrebespoke ...

It was serious work I’ve lost 5 weeks just like that. The two JCB loadalls handled the job but if I did a bigger job I’d get in a 12.5m loadall (same as the one in the pictures with the jacks on) and a crane as the loaders made it difficult to get the cherry picker in position.

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

Man, if you do a box swap I bet the shipping costs will be awesome.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Can do small too wolf

Manitario ...

wow, this is an awesome project! That’s some serious lumber.

Brian ...

Even the saw horses are heavy duty reinforced. Big job. Closer to iron work than woodworking. You should have had someone take a picture of you eating lunch while sitting on one of those beams like that old empire State building one. LOL.

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Oak framed porch