Colorful Kids Picnic table

Editor's Choice - Jul 10, 2017

Built this table for our neighbor’s kids. Used 2″ × 6″ pine boards. My wife planned out the color scheme so that the same colors touching each other were at a minimum.

Kids really enjoy this, eating lunch, doing projects, and even using it as a fort when their mom drapes a blanket over it. Never realized a picnic table had so many lives!

Woods: pine boards

Tools: saw dril router

Tags: picnic table


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a1jim ...

Very nice and very colorful

Dorald ...

Thanks for the accolades Jim. I appreciate it. i’ve gotten so much “payback” from this project seeing the kids using the table constantly almost every day.

David E. ...

Really great job. The colors really make this stand out!

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Beautiful job . Really nice color scheme , keep up the good work.

Dorald ...

Thanks “Wheaties”! Appreciate your comments and encouragement. I’ll try. You post some pretty impressive projects yourself ! ! !

Sheri ...

Very cute! Love the colours!

Dorald ...

Thanks Sheri. It was really a fun project to do with my wife. Simple but effective. Thought about making them to sell it nobody wants to pay the price. Guess quality doesn’t mean what it use to.

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Colorful Kids Picnic table