Three's a charm , update

I started this bowl August 1st , then Murphys law came along . Anything that could go wrong did. First I made an octagon and glued a piece of cherry to each surface . While turning it , one of the wine glass shapes disappeared . Then I removed them all and installed two rings of cherry . Well while I was turning this I lost some of the ring . So I grooved the rings deeper and installed the cherry . By this time the bowl was so thin it warped and blew apart . First time I lost a bowl. I made another octagon and was able to get the pattern I wanted 8 wine glass shapes . I had to inlay the stems .

Woods: oak cherry

Tools: sliding compound saw lathe router



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Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Had to take a few days to redo my driveway .

a1jim ...

Looks like your ready to rock and roll Bruce.

David Roberts ...

You have peaked my curiosity!

oldrivers ...

All glued up let the work began.

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Three's a charm , update