Keepsake box, by my son

Editor's Choice - Aug 15, 2017

So my son, who is 6, wanted a keepsake box after seeing them at a few stores and the one of a kind show. He asked if I could help him make one. We drew up a few sizes, checked out the scrap wood pile and got to work.

His 2 criteria were it had to be all rounded over and opened long ways.

He help cut the wood, glue and nailed , shape the edges. He led the way I was just there to do the bigger stuff. He just can’t decide how to finish it yet lol

If you dont like what you can buy, build it.


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lightweightladylefty ...

What a great way to get your son involved. The world needs more dads like you!!


a1jim ...

Cool it’s great working with your kids.

Renee Turner ...

Good job. Get them started young.

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Keepsake box, by my son