Les Hastings Curved Doors Tutorial 1st result.

OK all built sanded and sealed.

All recycled pallet wood, or other “bits” I had lying about. With 1 exception the bendy plywood I used for the back.

Construction Method:

Followed Les’s tutorials with a few minor deviations, otherwise principally as he guided the tutorial posts


I ended up with quite a few extra jigs mainly to ensure the frame stayed aligned at glueup

I even turned one of the radius jigs upside down to assist routing the panels

Tools required/used:
Layout plan
Table saw
Custom made Jigs.

so did it match the plan?…..

Not really a few mm out on the radius.

The back.

Deviations from the plan:
The panels are fitted by rabbets in the back and a ply cover holding everything in. The stiles were cut on a bandsaw profile routed and then glued together.

The killer. I took me the best part of 4 days to get to this stage, admitly a second one would be a lot quicker but not enough to make a living out of making curved doors in my mind, unless the sale cost covered the work. I am yet to find out the answer.

Would I do it again?
If for myself: yes if for selling and making a profit: no.

Acknowledgements: Les Hastings for the Tutorial Posts.

Regards Rob


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lightweightladylefty ...


I think you did splendidly!! I would also consider four days to be quite speedy considering all the jigs, etc. It would probably take me at least four months!

Thanks for sharing.


Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Another example of quality workmanship , excellent job .

a1jim ...

Looks super Rob nice work

Les Hastings ...

Rob, you did a nice job for your first try at radius doors. I think you would find that the more you do the easier and faster it becomes. I can easily make two doors with a lip mold that holds the panels in from the front side in a weeks time. However that still makes them on the pricey side. Your everyday client would have to really want them. I’m lucky in that for my clients price is not usually not an issue. I’ve made them for a lot of kitchens and furniture pieces as well. I continue to looks for ways to make them faster and easier all the time.
Thanks for giving it a try and for your post.

oldrivers ...

Super good work.

Tom Tieffenbacher/aka DocSavage45 ...

Thanks for sharing your journey and new knowledge!

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Les Hastings Curved Doors Tutorial 1st result.