Pizza peel and pizza cutter

Editor's Choice - Nov 06, 2017

Haven’t posted for ages, thought I would throw something up
Black walnut pizza peel and matching pizza cutter in canadian black walnut, cherry and Osage orange highlights and a small brass feature in the handle.

Woods: walnut osage orange cherry

I do not have attention deficit disor.................hey look, it's a bunny!


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a1jim ...

Wow, those are beautiful, super workmanship, design and wood.

Brian ...

Yes, really beautiful. No detail overlooked. The brass insert is a really nice touch. Great job!

Mark ...

I really like the way you sistered the extra heft onto the handle. The Walnut and Osage is a beautiful combination!

Justsimplywood ...

Thanks for the kinds words Jim, Mark and Brian… much appreciated

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Very nice work , I really like the contrast . Keep up the god work .

Justsimplywood ...

Thanks Bruce

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Pizza peel and pizza cutter