Dogwood Pen

So a co-worker of mine has a dogwood tree that her daughter really likes. She asked me to make a box with a picture of dogwood blooms on it. Inside the box she wanted me to put a pen made out of the tree. She brought me a limb from the tree and it had a knot from an old branch. I believe this is the prettiest pen I’ve made to date!

Woods: dogwood

Tools: lathe



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Jack ...

Beautiful work David. How much time involved to produce that beauty if I may ask?

David Roberts ...

Thank you Jack! It takes me about 3 hours to make a pen after I sort through the materials of course!

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Very beautiful pen . That’s what I like about turning a piece , you never know what is inside the wood .

a1jim ...

Great looking pen nice work David.

David Roberts ...

Thanks guys!

Brian ...


Galvipa ...

Nice Look.

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Dogwood Pen