Use of wine box = Free wood.

I have found a new source for free wood. My local grocery store. The wine department has many of these boxes that they throw away.
If you don’t mind the logos, which I do not, then you can make some fun stuff. Different anyway.

Here I made a mail organizer.


Woods: wine box.

Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.


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a1jim ...

Good tip,it’s interesting to see what you made from them. nice work.

Moment ...

I can only give you 2** out of 5***** Frozen Banana Stars for this one ,
according to My totally impartial FB rating system* , which is approved by
the IWCS ( International Wood Collectors Society ) as one of their
sub standard classifications . Also , vaguely endorsed by the Labeling Industry in some of it’s more obscure publications on the collectability
of wooden wine box labels ,as a fair and totally impartial rating system . Wine boxes were, as we all know , first
created in the Yellow river valley of China about 500,000 yeas ago . Since then,
a rich diverse heritage of wine box craftsman has shed new meaning
and interpretations of this evolving genre .

  • all ratings subject to change without notice,
    all Free items that are rated will not be charged additional fees,
    all liability is sole disclaimer of end user .

Michal Bulla ...

nice, well done ;)

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Use of wine box = Free wood.