Bed side table.

I made two of these for my daughter’s bedroom. They were made using the Beadlock system, which is I guess, the forerunner to the festool domino. The beadlock system is more than adequate if you are not doing production. I also used my favorite leg design, which I call the bayonet. Tapered on the two inside corners. As you might notice the shelf has curved edges which is also what I have been doing on many of my pieces..
Made from white oak and finished with homemade Danish furniture polish. Recipe to follow at another time.
Table is 25"x 15" and 28" tall.
The shelf is inserted into 45 deg. beveled cut into the legs. This gives the shelf a very floating look, I think.
There is more to this story that will show up in a blog tomorrow if I can.


Woods: white oak

Tools: beadlock

Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.


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Brian ...

Very nice and even better as twins. You have to share your recipe.

a1jim ...

This table looks super nice work.

Moment ...

Great looking table , nice lines .

Tim ...

Great looking table. Your daughter will treasure these for a long, long time.

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Bed side table.