Danish furniture polish

I have been working with my friend in Denmark aka Mads. I had to adapt his recipe to make it work with materials from the US.
Ingredients consist of

Carnauba wax From Amazon.

Bees wax. I have used both the white and the yellow and have not yet seen a difference between the two.

Slow cooker, the cheaper the better.

Pure gum Turpentine.

I use the ratio of 8 parts bees wax, 8 parts Turps. and 1 part Carnauba. I am using a plastic tablepoon measure for the part. Seem to fit nice in the small slow cooker.

Put this in the slow cooker and when all has melted, about 1 hour, pour into a sealed container to solidify.

If soft this stuff goes on real easy. Depending on where you live you might have to play with how much Carnauba you put in. Carnauba is a rather hard wax. But this is easy chemistry.

I use this blend for a wood finish. For making things slide better, think tablesaw tops etc.
It will shrink after time as the turps evaporates. Just reheat with a slosh of turps and all will be good.


Woods: wax

Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.


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a1jim ...

This really is more of a treatment rather than a finish.

Madts ...

Jim; I have finished my pieces with this for many years. Just using linseed oil, tung oils or this mixture. If that is the finished product then it is a finish and not a treatment. Semantics!


a1jim ...

Sorry I didn’t mean to offend you. If this Finish works for you that’s all that counts.
I have to admit I missed the part of the formula where you use “turps” I just saw the two different waxes, to me just wax would be a treatment, others might think differently.
Merry Christmas

Manitario ...

I made a small batch of this, with I think a very similar recipe a few years ago. I use it as a final finish after the tung oil on all my projects, and also works great to coat screws b/f using them. I think it has a nice scent, sort of beeswax and the sweet tang of turps but my wife disagrees…maybe I’ve spent too much time sniffing it!

You can also play with the turps/beeswax ratio if you want a softer wax.

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Danish furniture polish